Tax Preparation

What is Tax Planning and Reporting

Tax planning is the evaluation of your present and future financial gains and losses to formulate tax mitigation strategies. Tax reporting is process of collecting income, expenses, and other financial data and filing a tax return with the federal, state, and local taxing authorities. The goal is to identify ways to reduce your taxable income, maximize tax incentives, ultimately minimizing your tax liability. Tax planning and preparation should be a part of every financial topic relevant to you and the decisions you make.

Who do we serve?

⦁ We primarily serve existing Otium Planning and Investment Management clients 
⦁ We do make considerations for non-clients who are seeking stand-alone tax services on a *first come, first serve basis. *Subject to availability.

Service Details

⦁ Complete a thorough interview and review your prior year and current year’s tax situation
⦁ Collect all relevant financial information necessary to accurately report
⦁ Identify opportunities to maximize deductions and credits before submission
⦁ File your return online
⦁ If necessary and applicable, amend returns

⦁ Open all year long for planning and consulting purposes
⦁ Our planning and consulting process incorporates strategies using the internal revenue code, tax regulations, revenue rulings and procedures

⦁ We will respond to your IRS notices and provide representation


Our Process

Next Steps

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For Otium Advisory Clients, the sign-up window is now open

For non-Otium Advisory Clients, the sign-up window is closed

If you are outside the window, you may still reach us at [email protected] to add your name onto the list and we will make considerations based on the availability of our tax professionals