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Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning?

  • Financial planning involves looking at your entire financial picture and designing a roadmap to help you achieve time segmented goals in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Imagine an orchestra without a conductor; chaos ensues. The instrumental ensemble would mistime their queues or simultaneously play at the same time. It is our mission to recognize how each of your financial disciplines work independently and to make them all work collectively to create beautiful sounding music. Like an orchestra conductor, we specialize in understanding how to synchronize the different parts of your financial life.

Features & Benefits

Ongoing Relationship

The assurance of knowing you have the same planner who knows your situation and can pick up the convo wherever you leave off

Unlimited Advice

Life throws curve balls all day, every day. The convenience of asking a question or addressing a concern any time throughout the year.

No time nor session limits

You are not on the clock. Meet with your planner for as long as your busy schedule allows.

Location Preference

Option to select your preferred method of meeting. In the office or a virtual conference room or your favorite coffee shop.

Adaptive Plan

Any changes or updates during the year, your plan gets adjusted the same day.

Monitoring of plan

We make sure you follow through with your plan by breaking up the tasks in chewable bites

How We Plan

Efficient Data Gathering

We leverage technology to efficiently collect and process data saving you time and effort.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our evaluation process combines old school planning solutions with new school empirical evidence and research.

Design a plan unique to you

Outside of the foundational elements, no two plans are alike. Therefore, knowing our clients is of utmost importance.

Collaborative Implementation

Planning is a two-way street. Requires both planner and client to accomplish the tasks needed to complete the plan

Monitor Progress semi-annually

The recommendations will be segmented into check-points to sustain a steady pace. Reviewing twice per year.

Which model is best for you?

Our Los Angeles & Orange County offices have financial planners ready to serve

Introductory model

  • Complimentary 45 minute Discovery session with one of our financial planners.
  • Used as the primary engagement before any other financial service is being selected.
  • Provides an opportunity for both financial planner and client to determine compatibility.

Hourly model

  • For those who can self implement recommendations
  • For those seeking a second opinion or a one time assessment with no commitment
  • Financial Planning consultations @ Hourly Rate of $250

Project model

  • Financial planning that is limited in scope (up to two topics)
  • Allows you to experience Otium’s financial planning-lite
  • Up to 2 hours per session, with a minimum of 2 sessions
  • Includes written plan (electronic and hardcopy)

Dynamic Response model

  • Real time, adaptive planning throughout the year
  • Unlimited advice on the selected scope(s) of engagement
  • Tax Planning and Preparation
  • No time limits and no session limits throughout the year
  • Includes written plan (electronic and hardcopy)
  • Includes personal cloud storage for all your vital records
  • Includes implementation, monitoring of the overall plan, and semi-annual progress reviews

Free Retirement Readiness Assessment


Available Services

  • Build Income Statement & Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow management
  • Credit Score Analysis & management
  • Investment Planning 5
  • Debt Optimization
  • Real Estate Financing Analysis
  • Estate Planning 1
  • Stock Compensation Planning
  • Insurance & Risk Assessment
  • Tax Planning & Preparation 2
  • Inheritance Planning
  • Social Security and Medicare Planning
  • Retirement Planning 3



Per Hour

No Commitment

Projects 4


Flat Fee

No Commitment

Dynamic Response


Per Month

12 Month Commitment

  1. Collaboration with external estate planning attorney
  2. Tax filing service is included in the Dynamic Response Plan
  3. Not available for Project based models due to the depth and breadth of the topic
  4. Limit two topics per project model
  5. Portfolio (discretionary or nondiscretionary) management is a separate service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are fiducicary financial planners. We have made a committment to put your interests ahead of our own at all times. As a part of the CFP® certification process, the CFP Board imposes the “fiduciary duty” obligation on all CFP® professionals whether providing financial planning or non-financial planning advice. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear financial professionals claim they are fiduciaries and not act in accordance with the highest standards: duty of loyalty and care. However, there is one thing you can do and that is to get a written engagement letter signed and dated by the professional that requires them to have a fiduciary obligation to you. As a part of the onboarding process, all of our clients will receive a signed letter from us.

Otium Advisory is a boutique planning and advisory firm. We are not a multi-national bank, brokerage house, nor insurance company. In other words, you are not a number to us. You are family. Deciding to unveil and share your financial concerns require a leap of faith. And in turn, we want to acknowledge the act of trust and get to know you on a deeper level. We strongly believe all of our clients deserve to be treated equitably regardless of your net worth or financial status. This means you’ll have one-point in contact at all times. No shuffling around from one representative to another. And we plan on keeping our firm small enough, where we do not compromise quality and the relationship.

Without a doubt. Our firm was originally designed to focus on the baby boomer generation, delivering services such as shifting portfolio objectives from growth to preservation, social security and medicare benefits consultation, retirement income distribution strategies, and identifying tax-friendly-state relocation options. However, our target market expanded to include younger generations the moment we realized they were not receiving proper attention nor quality advice. It truly is unfortunate the high barrier to entry for good advice is still predicated on net worth and minimum asset balance thresholds. Our mission is to disrupt that trend. We want to share our expertise with all who need sound and simple, yet effective, advice regardless of your net worth.

Depends on the service. We provide an array of services from comprehensive financial planning to investment management with fees ranging from $800 to $4800. We are truly dedicated to being fee only planners and advisors. The fees are based on the number of hours spent working on your plan or your portfolio – nothing more, nothing less. Our service models caters to all walks of life without you breaking the bank. Get in touch with us for more details.

Our approach leans toward passive investing and long term strategic investment management using time tested academic research. What sets our investment management services apart from our competitors is our method of designing portfolios that reflect the goals and timing of your financial and tax plan. Our objective is not to beat nor time the market and certainly not to offer stock picks. Our goal is to mitigate risk, expenses, and taxes; preserving more of the principal to compound long term. Overall, this leads to a more intentional and productive way of managing your investments while the focus is on meeting your goals.

We are fee-only financial planners. We receive a fixed fee directly from our clients in exchange for a financial plan or investment portfolio management. No commissions nor referral kick-backs play a part in our compensation. Whereas a fee based financial advisor may earn commissions from product sales or a percentage of assets under management in addition to fees, which may lead to conflicts of interest.

No minimum asset or income requirements for either planning or investment management services. For a reasonable fee, we can create a financial plan designed by seasoned planners to get you out of debt, save for a goal, provide a second opinion on investments or prepare for retirement. As fee-only, fiduciary planners, there is no reason to require minimum thresholds.

We use a third-party company by the name of “ADVICEPAY”, an industry leading provider of payment management solutions. The company will send you an e-bill to collect the fees. Payment options include, but are not limited to all major credit cards, or electronic check processing.

If you are already working with a company or financial professional who offers the products and/or services recommended, you have the choice to retain your existing relationship. As a Fiduciary financial planning firm, our mission is to get you to the finish line whether you use our resources or your own.

This term defines the process of selecting one or more financial planning subject areas. Topics include, but are not limited to budgeting, debt management, credit management, education planning, investment planning, tax planning, estate planning, insurance planning, pension planning, retirement planning, stock compensation planning and social security benefits planning.

We believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from speaking and working with a financial planner at least once in your lifetime,  regardless of your age, income level or net worth. The value that a financial planner brings to the table is more than just their education and credentials. The value add comes from the fact that we have seen and studied thousands of cases that deal with ‘run of the mill’ life events to unprecedented circumstances unique to the 21st century. Furthermore, the conundrums and solutions evolve with the changing times, so we have to perpetually sharpen our tools through continuing education. It’s tough to go at it alone, especially if your bandwidth is stretched thin juggling life, family, and work.


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