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Which model is best for you?

Our Los Angeles & Orange County offices have financial planners ready to serve

Introductory model
  • Complimentary one-hour Discovery Meeting with one of our financial planners.
  • Used as the Primary Engagement before any other financial Service is being selected.
  • Provides an opportunity for both financial planner and client to determine compatibility.
Hourly model
  • For customers who are not seeking an ongoing relationship
  • For those seeking a quick second opinion.
  • Financial Planning services @ Hourly Rate of $200

Project model

  • Caters to financial planning that is limited in scope (one topic) – for those who request services on a per project basis (up to 2 hours per session with a minimum of 2 sessions) and are not seeking an ongoing relationship.
  • Allows you to experience Otium AG’s style of financial planning before you decide on an ongoing relationship
Retainer model
  • For clients who decide to retain an ongoing financial planning relationship year-round.
  • Unlimited advice on the selected scope(s) of engagement.
  • No time limits and no session limits throughout the year (within reason).
  • Includes implementation, monitoring of the investment management plan, and bi-annual reviews.
  • Unlimited access to online workshops & classroom lectures by one of our financial planners
  • The option to bundle investment management without additional fees.
Management model
  • For clients who seeks investment management advice, construction and discretionary or nondiscretionary financial management solutions.
  • Develop individualized Investment Policy Statement
  • Create portfolio using low cost vehicles
  • Includes implementation, monitoring, rebalancing, and annual performance/goal reviews
  • Access to portfolio information through web portal and mobile app
  • The option to bundle a financial plan without additional fees

How Much Does Your Financial Services Cost?

That depends. We provide an array of services from retirement planning to investment management with fees ranging from $200 to $3500. Get in touch with us for more details or if you have a more specific questions related to fee schedule.

What is Your Investment Philosophy?

Our approach leans toward passive investing and long term strategic investment management using time tested academic research. Our objective is not to beat nor time the market and certainly not to offer stock picks. Our goal is to mitigate risk, expenses, and taxes; preserving more of the principal to compound long term. Overall, this leads to a simpler way (financial minimalism) of managing your investments while the focus is on meeting your goals.

What is the Difference between a Fee Only Financial Planner and a Fee-Based Financial Advisor?

We are fee-only financial planners in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. We receive a fee directly from our clients in exchange for a financial plan or investment portfolio management. No commissions nor referral kick-backs play a part in our compensation. Whereas a fee based financial advisor may charge commissions in addition to fees, which may lead to conflicts of interest.

Do I Need to Have a Lot of Money to Work with You?

There isn’t a minimum asset requirement for getting services from our financial planning advisors. For a reasonable fee, we can create a financial plan, which would be designed by seasoned financial planners to get you out of debt, start saving for a goal, or provide a second opinion on your 401K options. As you can see, these examples do not require a minimum asset threshold.

What Payment Options Do You Offer?

We use a third-party company by the name of “ADVICEPAY”, an industry leading provider of payment management solutions. The company will send you an e-bill to collect the fees. Payment options include, but are not limited to all major credit cards, or electronic check processing.

Do I Have to Use Your Referrals to Complete the Financial Plan?

If you are already working with a company or financial professional who offers the products and/or services recommended, you have the choice to retain your existing relationship. As a Fiduciary financial planning firm, our mission is to get you to the finish line whether you use our resources or your own.

What Does a “Scope of Engagement” Means to me?

This term defines the various topics that you would like to discuss and add into your financial plan. Topics include, but are not limited to budgeting, debt management, credit management, education planning, investment management and planning, tax planning, estate planning, insurance planning, pension planning, retirement planning, and social security benefits planning.

When Should I Hire a Financial Planner?

Older clients of Otium Advisory Group based out of Los Angeles and Orange County often share their personal sentiments of regret for not having pursued financial literacy when they were younger. If they could turn back the clock to buy more time to correct and avoid the financial mistakes they made earlier, they would in a heartbeat.

Our recommendation would be to start preparing as early as possible , but it’s never too late. The earlier you start to plan your financial future, the longer the time horizon for you to save and grow your money while riding out the downturns of the economy or the market.

Otium Awaits

If you're ready to start a conversation about your financial life, schedule a complimentary introductory meeting with us today!

Otium Awaits

If you're ready to start a conversation about your financial life, schedule a complimentary introductory meeting with us today!

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