Americans are now enjoying a better quality of life than previous generations: longer life spans, better health, more leisure time, and more lifestyle choices. But to take full advantage of these benefits a well thought out financial plan is necessary to overcome both anticipated and unexpected hurdles.The probability of achieving your goals is dependent on the ability to make actionable decisions. Our mission is to tailor simple yet unique solutions based on our philosophy of financial minimalism to help you achieve your objectives.

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Welcome to Otium AG
Let’s keep this simple
Who we are
A fee only financial planning and investment management firm helping our clients get their financial concerns addressed, without worrying about excessive fees nor conflicts of interest.
What we do
From social security consultations to investment management, we’ve got the expertise that your financial life demands.
Why we exist
Most people need simple, practical solutions and not all solutions should require you to have a minimum net worth to receive help from a high quality financial advisor.
When to find us
John Pak, founder of Otium Advisory Group, can be seen teaching at local Universities in Los Angeles and Orange County. Check out his teaching schedule!
Where to reach us
We’re available to speak with you over the phone, in person or over the internet via social media, virtual meetings or good old fashioned email. Let’s connect!

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