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Our Process

The 6 Step Plan

Establish the scope

  • Define the relationship
  • Discuss the scope of the engagement
  • Select services to be provided
  • Discuss planner compensation
  • Delegate responsibilities between planner and client
  • Set the time frame for completion
  • Disclose conflicts of interest, if any
  • Review firm brochure, ADV, and fee agreement

Gather Information

  • Collect qualitative and quantitative background information covering all aspects of your financial life
  • Determine income and expenditures
  • Identify individual and/or family financial position
  • Establish risk tolerance and capacity
  • Explore goals and objectives with their respective time horizons

Analyze the Data

  • Evaluate data/documents gathered in previous stage
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in current financial situation
  • Risk evaluation
  • Cash flow evaluation
  • Investment evaluation
  • Tax evaluation
  • Retirement evaluation
  • Estate Planning evaluation

Develop a Plan

  • Develop and present a financial plan tailored to your specific goals/needs
  • Budget income and expenditures for the near term
  • Forecast future cash flow activity
  • Determine growth/returns needed to reach net worth objective
  • Consider alternatives to meet goals and objectives

Implement & Take Action

  • Create a timeline with due dates for each task
  • Assign responsibilities
  • Work closely with other professionals to carry out plan (e.g., estate planning attorney, CPA)
  • Coordinate and share information, as authorized, with other professionals involved with the plan


  • Continuously update/review plan to keep you on course. If necessary, make adjustments to the plan
  • For annual retainer clients, meet semi-annually to identify possible modifications or amendments (e.g., change in marital status)
  • Review the performance and progress of the plan
  • Review and evaluate changes in legal, tax, and economic landscape
  • Provide ongoing support (e.g., education)

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